The Guardian tweets picture of relief worker’s fleshlight

In a section of The Guardian devoted to citizen journalism and user-generated content, The Guardian Professional Networks asked humanitarian aid workers in Afghanistan to share pictures of what they packed in their luggage.

“In conflict situations and when visiting regions where access to resources is scarce, what are the objects that have made your humanitarian work possible?” the site asked.

A supposed worker going by the name “David Higgins” obliged by posting a picture of the contents of his bag, claiming that “We have to travel light here, so no luxuries: first aid kit, water filter, emergency rations, flesh light [sic], sleeping bag, ground sheet, knife and distress beacon.”

Yeah, that’s right. A fleshlight.

We can’t say for sure whether “Higgins” was having a laugh by posting the self-pleasuring device or just being frank about what it takes to get through grim working conditions in a desolate and remote landscape. Or, maybe he was heeding Lone Star’s advice and packed only what he needed to survive.

Source: Mashable