Best CD We Got In The Mail Today

Best CD We Got In The Mail TodayOK so maybe we didn’t get this CD in the mail today today. Sometimes the office monster eats ‘em up and sometimes, as was the case with this one, it just takes a while to get to. Friends, which was released on June 23rd, is moody at times, but always melodic. It’s a perfect score for these humid summer nights. If Luke Top’s name doesn’t ring a bell Fool’s Gold (his band) probably does. He has also collaborated with Foreign Born and Cass McCombs (both featured guests on Friends …maybe the album’s title refers to them). “Plainest Drought” and album closer “Firestorm” are personal highlights. But don’t trust me. Stream some songs here and decide for yourself! Also, look for Fool’s Gold’s debut on September 29th. -IL