Fan sues Michael Jackson for not singing on his own album

If you thought that the strange occurrences around Michael Jackson would have stopped after his passing, the last few weeks have proved that if anything, the strangest are likely yet to come. Adding to the long list of oddities, a Los Angeles fan is suing the estate of the late singer, claiming that Jackson does not actually sing on the posthumous 2010 album, “Michael.”

Singling out the songs “Breaking News,” “Monster” and “Keep Your Head Up,” the plaintiff, Vera Serova, says that she hired “an audio expert” who analyzed the album and confirmed that it was “unlikely” Jackson is singing on the tracks in question. The lawsuit has been filed as a class action suit, meaning if Sony is found to have been misleading, anyone who purchased the album would be eligible for compensation.

While the Jackson estate’s lawyer says that the claims are false and it is The King Of Pop singing, even before this record was released Jackson’s own children made statements claiming the songs in question were fake. It is alleged that they were actually performed by a Jackson sound-alike, possibly Jason Malachi, and Sony was simply trying to cash in on fans still willing to buy anything from the late star.

Along with the 2010 release, last month saw “Xscape” hit shelves; and only days after it came out, there were claims that there are more unreleased Jackson songs. To this, music icon Quincy Jones lashed out, staying that everyone involved is only about the money, and has little concern for the name and legacy of Michael Jackson.

One way or another, it should be interesting to see how this new lawsuit unfolds, as it will likely have impact on other estates releasing posthumous albums.

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Image: Damien Shields

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