4chan plans to continue hoax hashtag war on feminism, targeting women of color

Despite the fact that #EndFathersDay was quickly established to be a hoax perpetrated by 4chan’s /pol/ board–first by feminists who were well aware that we don’t believe any such thing, and later by other channels–the trolls over at 4chan seem to think it worked out well and that they have successfully infiltrated the feminist community. Which, uh, they have not. Despite what you may have heard, every single “real feminist” pointed out by the media as supposedly eagerly going along with the #EndFathersDay tweets was in fact a fake account created by 4chan. The most cited “Oh my god! The real feminists are buying into this!” profile was one named “Phoebe Kwon,” quickly outed by David Futrelle of We Hunted the Mammoth as a fake account with a stock photo picture.



Whoops! The 4chan trolls have primarily used pictures of women of color as their fake profiles, as their stated plan is to cause a rift between “white college-educated feminists” and WOC feminists, and also to make everyone assume that every feminist profile that doesn’t come from a “white college-educated feminist” is one of their fakes. It’s all pretty ridiculous, particularly considering the fact that there are just as many women of color who are “college-educated feminists.”

As a result of all the fakery, several prominent feminist Twitter users like So_Treu and Sassycrass have been collecting the fake profiles and labeling them with the hashtag #yourslipisshowing. In retaliation, the 4chan trolls are attempting to use the hashtag to claim that the profiles of actual feminists are in fact 4chan trolls. Which hasn’t worked, because we all kind of know each other. Also, given that we’re all pretty familiar with actual feminist thought, it’s easy for us to figure out who is and who isn’t a troll. They’re far more obvious than they think they are.

The latest plan for a 4chan hoax is detailed quite delightfully, for all to see, on this thread right here.53a06a219d29c9bbc5000076

Via 4Chan:


Since the #HashtagWars are in full swing, here’s one for some divide and conquer: “White enough”.

Target this hashtag at Latinas, East Asians, and light-skinned women in general, accusing them of being “white enough” to benefit from “white privilege”. Here are some ideas:

>Point out that light-skinned/European Hispanics are the upper class and dominate Latin America
>Light-skinned Indians have higher castes and have disproportionate power and control in Indian society
>Hitler himself declares that East Asians were honorary whites
>Europeanized Turks dominated large swathes of Asia and Africa despite being Muslim, and they also enslaved blacks

And the most damning one:
>privileged cisgendered heterosexual white men have no problem dating light-skinned Indians/Arabs/Latinas/East Asians, but almost NEVER date women who couldn’t “pass for white”.

Don’t worry about factual accuracy or historical truth, because that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to hammer these points over and over again and drive wedges into the “POC/WOC Bloc”, and claim that the target populations are “white enough” to be the oppressors.

And don’t post the correct hashtag in this thread, you faggots, or else google search will point to this page.

The hashtag has already been used by several obviously fake troll accounts. But it doesn’t stop there. 4chan trolls are attempting to beef up their game by making their profiles “more realistic” and offering tips in the thread.

Daily reminder to do your best to make your sock puppets fully-realized, three-dimensional people.

Easy tips you can do in seconds to double your authenticity levels:
>find a music genre on wikipedia and follow half of the listed bands on twitter
>respond to hashtags that are trending/broadcast on TV
>retweet/send supportive replies to people that say mildly agreeable things
>remove “social justice,” “feminist,” and other labels from your bio
>take and upload multiple photos of normal things (meals, pets, landscapes), making sure to remove EXIF data (running it through any online image “enhancer” like Blingee is a brainless way to do this, and also adds realism)
>avoid following multiple obvious /pol/ sock puppets, since there are websites that can datamine follower/followee lists and ID people with strong /pol/ ties
>if you must keep tabs on another sockpuppet, use private, hidden LISTS on twitter to do so without following
>do not name yourself Latrine

Good one, fellas. Apparently they are also trying to repurpose actual feminist tweets as their own to give them legitimacy as well. Sheesh. That is a lot of effort for something I can’t imagine they’d actually get a lot out of. Apparently the whole thing is part of some idiotic “Operation Lollipop” scheme specifically directed at undermining the causes of WOC feminists. In fact, it’s blatantly detailed here, on MRA site Return of Kings:

I was told you are interested in my group’s (Codename: Lollipop) ongoing operation against the PoOs (People of Oppression). My group poses as feminists on twitter. We bait other PoOs into agreeing with us as we subtly move them more and more to the extreme. The purpose is to make moderate feminists turned off with the movement, as well as cause infighting within the group. As some of our operatives have been compromised, my commander has given me permission to make some of their conversations on twitter public. We want to let the PoOs know that we have infiltrated them so that they begin to accuse each other of being Lollipop operatives.

We manly pose as women of color and argue with white feminists. We “check their privilege” to the point that they are fed up. For example, if they say “it’s not our time to talk, white ladies, it’s our time to listen,” we say “the last time white women just listened, George Zimmerman walked free.”

Seriously? They think we’re not going to catch on? You know, I almost feel bad for them, like in the same way I used to feel bad for the Coyote when he’d come up with all these elaborate plans to catch the Roadrunner, only to see them all blow up in his face. Except not that bad, because I read through a lot of their posts and they are incredibly gross racist, sexist, anti-Semitic human beings. But it is pretty sad that they think they can actually undermine us and that we’re not going to catch on. It’s sad that they think that by doing this, all the feminists will change their mind and decide they’re totally cool with rape or something. Unfortunately, like I said, we all know each other, and even though we often disagree, we can tell the difference between a feminist and a troll.