Peter Dinklage poses with Grumpy Cat, creating a black hole that will consume the entire internet

Peter Dinklage, popular television guy, took a photo with Grumpy Cat, popular internet feline. Their collission (which is a fake, photoshopped version of the original photo by Will Oliver) will no doubt be described as amazing, and spawn an infinite recursion of BuzzFeed lists, creating a black hole that will then consume the entire internet.

Some may fear this black hole, a place beyond internet spacetime as we typically understand it, where memes and lists and sponsored content and snark and smarm and I can’t evens are simultaneously ripped apart and smashed together into one final, ultimate mashup.

But there is nothing to fear, because there will be no pain in the #content #singularity. Only, finally, peace.

It was nice knowing you all.

Image: Will Oliver