Erykah Badu videobombs news segment on Shia LaBeouf, tries to kiss reporter

Erykah Badu employed the maxim that videobombing a news segment is basically always funny no matter how stupid the content. (Just ask this guy)

Hijacking a news segment on Shia LaBeouf’s release after getting arrested for disorderly conduct at a performance of “Cabaret” (an auspicious context for a videobomb), Badu circled PIX11’s Mario Diaz with a shit-eating grin on her face, made a lewd hand gesture, mock-flashed the camera and then tried to kiss him. She really pulled out all the stops.

The resulting Vine was labeled “crazy woman” attacks reporter—so she really sold it. After first denying it was her on Twitter, she later owned up to it, Tweeting, “Sorry Mario :-)”

The incident also highlights Badu’s Twitter feed, which is strewn with other hilariously eccentric Vines: