Kickstarter for bowl of potato salad raises thousands

Zack Danger Brown decided that he wanted to try to make potato salad. So he turned to Kickstarter to fund his dream, hoping to raise $10 to make it a reality. As of this moment, it’s raised $8,567.

Brown, an owner/developer at Base Two Interactive, explains on his project page, “Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.”

As soon as he passed his target goal of $10, he added a few stretch goals: If he raises more than $35, he’d make four times as much, for $75 he would host a pizza party, and for $100 he’d try two different recipes.

After reaching $5,000, he posted this “thank you” video.

The absurdity of it isn’t lost on people donating—their contribution is largely to assist the punchline, and perhaps express a subtle jab at the thousands of mostly useless Kickstarter projects. Especially those created by big name millionaires to fund their projects even though they have the money.

It’s possible people are also donating for some of the rewards, which include things like getting to choose an ingredient for the dish (for a donation of $10), receiving a potato salad-themed haiku ($20), and a potato salad-themed hat ($25).

Though the project is an enormous joke, it doesn’t appear to violate Kickstarter’s rules. Assuming they don’t remove it from the site, it might become one of the most successful (and delicious) projects ever funded on the site.

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