Bill O’Reilly’s in-house turd trolls San Francisco pride parade

Bill O’Reilly’s traveling minion Jesse Watters was in hot water (see what I did there?) last week after referring to “Beyoncé voters” (get it? Single ladies?) who “depend on government much more than married women.” He followed up that generosity of spirit by crashing San Francisco’s pride parade this weekend.

Not only did he repeat the typical conservative talking points used to diminish and disenfranchise gay people, he trolled people to their faces. That he can actually look people in the eye and fret over humanity going extinct if everyone turns gay, and ask sincerely why they get to have a gay pride parade if there’s no straight pride parade makes him either the stupidest or smuggest bastard I’ve ever seen. Watch a douche in a popped collar proudly shit on other people’s civil rights below.

Image/ video: O’Reilly Factor