Brooklyn’s Loser Cruiser exude Brighton Beach Summers in ‘Girls Night’

Loser Cruiser’s Kieren Smith also happens to be a member of Brooklyn’s scene pillars, Team Spirit. And while Team Spirit is the soundtrack to your drunken Saturday night keg party, Loser Cruiser is the record on repeat inside the head of the chill bro in the corner, with his sunglasses on. Even at after dark.

Kieren expounds on the project, “In life there is the idea of Summer, and the reality of Summer. The idea is that it’s all fun in the sun, BBQs and drinks with little umbrellas. And then the reality, is standing in shorts and a tank on the subway platform slowly turning into a human pool of sweat. Loser Cruiser reflects the idea of Summer. Upbeat drums, bright guitars and inviting vocals.”

The debut single from Kieren Smith’s Loser Cruiser embodies everything that you want your Summer to be and everything you’ll remember it as once Winter sets in. Listen here.