Premiere: Teleseen ‘Anamorph’ video

Gabriel Cyr has a hell of a résumé: A world-touring DJ, an audio engineer, and a producer from Brazil to South Africa. Every once in a while the Rio de Janeiro-based audio wizard gets to put some work into his own solo effort, Teleseen. Now he’s got a new EP coming out on Feel Up Records, the new label of Major Lazer’s Jillionaire.

Today we have a new video “Anamorph,” the title track off the upcoming EP, to share with you. The gorgeous video features three dancers decked out in twigs, dirt and rocks moving in slow motion. Before you know it, Asian-style fans and parasols are on the scene and the video seems to mimic a key aspect of Teleseen’s production style: Fusion. Old and new, part-African, Brazilian, and American, part techno, part dub. The Rhode Island-born, long-time Brooklyn resident, expat in Rio’s cross-continental travel clearly allowed for him to pick up pieces of the local flavor, forming a pastiche that’s both foreign and familiar.

The track is ultra-danceable, a variety of drum sounds and hand claps braided together to form a rhythm that’s at once complex and intuitive, with hints of the synth sounds from Hud Mo’s more eclectic tracks, or a dark twist on Baio’s tropical vibe. Of course, Teleseen likely had a plethora of varied influences literally spanning the globe, especially from Brazil’s burgeoning electronic scene, in order to produce his worldly-yet-modern (or is it futuristic?) sound.

Watch the video for “Anamorph” below and head over to Spin to stream the “Anamorph EP” today (hitting store shelves on 7/22 from Feel Up). Soon after that, be on the lookout for a remix EP with contributions from producers from three different continents, and even more from Teleseen later this year.