The Ben Stein sexting scandal that will make you want to pour Lysol in your eyes

Ben Stein is a such weird freaking dude. While you may know that he was a speechwriter for Richard Nixon, that he was in “Ferris Bueller” and “The Wonder Years,” that he had that “Win Ben Stein’s Money” game show on Comedy Central and also that he is not so big on evolution—you may not know that he once wrote a novel called “LUDES” about people doing QUAALUDES or that he is kind of a creepy sex pervert.

After having waxed poetic about the kinds of women he finds sexually stimulating earlier this month in American Spectator, the very married Stein has found himself caught up in a bit of a sexting scandal with a 24-year-old pregnant performance artist named Tanya Ma, whom he would like to hug and kiss.

He had actually mentioned Ma in the column, referring to her as Lucia, and using her as a means of explaining how pro-life he was that he was going to give her money so she would keep the baby she was pregnant with. It was all pretty creepy sounding. But, um, nothing close to this.


Screen-Shot-2014-07-22-at-8.52.46-AM (1)


Screen-Shot-2014-07-22-at-8.53.36-AM (1)

Screen-Shot-2014-07-22-at-8.53.18-AM (1)

Ack! Now, if you’d asked me before Stein wrote that weird essay if it was cool for Tanya Ma to release these texts? I’d have been iffy. Although Stein is anti-choice and generally pretty socially conservative, I can’t think of an immediate reason why this would be an example of hypocrisy, which is how I usually judge these situations. Hate tattle-tales, love whistle blowers, if you catch my drift.

However, given said essay, I think Ma had a right to put her side of the story out there. Even if I kind of question her judgment in sexting with Ben Stein in the first place. If you want your privacy respected, then you have to keep your own damn mouth shut. Sorry.

Also, as far as Ben Stein saying he was doing this all because he was just so generous and pro-life-y? Please. He was doing it for naked lady pics. Which, quite honestly, I do not actually see anything ethically wrong with if his wife is fine with it. At least have the decency to cop to your perviness and not try to shroud it in charity.