Woman stripteases on street to avoid car getting towed

We’ve all been there. You put on your most game show smile. Or you wipe away any trace of how dissatisfied your life may be–no matter what your parents named you–but sometimes there’s no getting out of that traffic citation. Sometimes, you just gotta take the ticket, pay the fine and move on with your non-celebrity life just like everyone else.

Unless, I suppose, you’re a Russian blonde who has clean underwear?

Anatoliy Aleksandrovich of Tula, Russia, uploaded this footage of one local’s desperate attempt to have her SUV removed from the shackles of a tow truck–despite the fact that she was illegally parked directly in front of the Railway Workers House of Culture.

I am not up to speed on the compliance action procedures for traffic dismissals in a country where women are whipped in the street, but maybe this is just protocol?

sources: Mirror UK, Guyism