After punching Justin Bieber, petition asks White House to proclaim July 29 ‘Orlando Bloom Day’

On the night of July 29 Orlando Bloom stood up and did what every civilized man, woman and child on earth has wanted to do for the past couple years—take a swing at Justin Bieber’s face.

The punch allegedly followed Bieber making disparaging comments about Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Gossip says Bieber had some too-close-for comfort interactions with Kerr that were part of her divorce from Bloom. After the comments and the question, “What’s up bitch?” Bloom threw his punch. Unfortunately he missed.

But that didn’t stop one activist from recognizing Bloom’s act of  heroism and calling it to the attention of the White House in the form of a request for a national holiday—National Orlando Bloom Day.

The petition is addressed to President Obama:

On a fateful evening this July 29, 2014 actor Orlando Bloom fed the Pop Music miscreant Justin Bieber a knuckle-sandwich on behalf of the entire civilized world.

This is something you, as the leader of the free world, must reward with an executive order declaring July 29 as a national holiday honoring Orlando Bloom.

We compel you to do right by every civilized and cultured human being walking this earth by exercising your power for this most just of causes.

Underscoring the need to highlight Bloom’s valor, the movie star was victimized on Justin Bieber’s Instagram on Tuesday night as the popster posted a picture of Bloom shedding a tear.

This insufferable brat can not be left to get the last word. If the White House won’t deport Bieber, the least they can do is make July 29 National Orlando Bloom Day. Do the right thing. Sing here.

H/t: EW