Guests at poorly designed hotel can be seen taking dumps from window

At the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, architects put the windows next to the toilet, even though the building is only 10 stories high.

It’s unclear whether this was intentional. It’s probably pretty obvious to anyone staying there, however, that it was a complete and utter face-palm of a design issue.

Even though the hotel is in a prime location for Berlin tourism, it also offers an incredible sight-seeing for locals who want to know what out-of-towners look like mid-flush. Management has tried to maintain a sense of humor about the design fail–since the Hotel Bikini Berlin is nearby by Berlin Zoo, a note to guests reminds them to “please be careful, not only the monkeys are watching.”

Ha ha ha. Let’s take a shit in front of the entire city and laugh about it!

h/t NYDN