Bigfoot caught on video in Jersey

It all makes sense now. Sasquatch wouldn’t be in British Columbia like Fox News said. Of all places, the mysterious creature would be found in the same region that prehistoric knuckleheads such as Paulie Walnuts or the monsters who listened to too much of “License to Ill” and did it with a wiffle ball bat.

Yes, Bigfoot lives in New Jersey, and here’s video proof.

According to the original video’s description: “This video was shot in northern New Jersey at 5:45am on 8/4/14. The bear is considered a ‘bipedal bear’ by the way it walks on its hind legs. It seems that one of its front paws are injured, and it has learned to walk, extremely well, on its back legs.”

Bipedal bear. “Harry and the Hendersons.” Same thing. Watch the raw footage in its entirety below:

h/t Bob’s Blitz