Americans are now stuffing whole fried chickens in their bloody Marys

Sobelman’s Pub in Milwaukee is continuing its campaign to murder every carnivore in the Midwest.

In 2012, they released “The Bloody Masterpiece” on their menu–which, essentially, is a bloody Mary cocktail with a cheeseburger for a garnish. The item was named Milwaukee’s best bloody Mary of 2014 by–even though it gave myocardial infarctions to 781* people. No matter: Business is business, and, on Wednesday, the joint announced its next big seller which is perfect for the dead of summer: A refreshing “Chicken Fried Bloody Beast,” which runs about $50 and goes down smoothly under the beating red sun.

Just like the “Masterpiece,” the “Bloody Beast” comes with garnishes for the garnish. On toothpicks that surround the whole fried chicken you will find bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheese balls, pickles, olives, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, scallions, shrimp, lemon, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, and celery.

RIP, Milwaukee. mid

h/t UPI/photos: @TeamSobelman/*deaths not confirmed