Wanted man arrested after joining police donut eating contest

In Elizabeth City, North Carolina, a 24-year-old criminal was identified during a donut-eating contest among like-minded pigs.

On Wednesday, the Camden County Sheriff’s Office recognized the hungry hungry Bradley Herbert Hardison, according to the Daily Advance, who had been wanted for two burglaries, while he was chowing down with other chunky patrolmen and firefighters at the  Elizabeth City Police Department’s National Night Out Against Crime.

The suspect inhaled eight doughnuts in 2 minutes, which drew enough attention to his powder- and sprinkle-ridden face for deputies to identify him for priors.

Hardison went to jail on a full stomach and now faces charges related to felony larceny and breaking and entering.

In dubiously related news, Portland police are still presumably on the lookout for the donut caper.

h/t Gawker/image: Shutterstock