Georgia man shoots self in hand outside bar, bullet kills nearby woman

On Saturday, a man accidentally shot himself in the hand in the parking lot of a Bavarian-themed bar called the Old Heidelberg in Helen, Georgia. Said bullet went right through his hand and across the street to kill a woman who was visiting from Texas. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

This, naturally, is the sort of blood that the Tree of Liberty simply craves.

The people who work at the Old Heidelberg were told by the police not to tell the press if the man was drunk or not, but I think we can probably take a wild guess here.

As you may recall, Georgia recently passed HB60–or, as we in the Liberal Media like to call it the “Guns Everywhere” bill–and one of the places covered under this bill are bars. Because you never know when you’re going to need to defend yourself from being kicked out for being over-served, or when you are going to have to shoot your own hand and kill a woman standing across the street.

The man will be charged with “involuntary manslaughter.” Though if you ask me, taking a gun to a bar makes it pretty voluntary. I mean, if you get drunk and you have a gun on you, you assume the risk that you may fuck up and shoot yourself in the hand or “accidentally” shoot another person. You weigh the risks and you decide which is more important to you, and if you err on the side of “I’d rather have my gun with me, I will assume that risk” then you need to take responsibility for your choices.

Here is my thing. I am 100% fine with people who believe in this “Guns Everywhere” bullshit accidentally killing and maiming each other. I honestly don’t care. I don’t even think it should be illegal.

I figure if they all agree to the terms, agree to put themselves in that situation, and accept the possible consequences, then that is their business. In fact, if they wanted to lock themselves into a laser gun arena and all fight to the death, I would be totally cool with that. Because they are making that choice for themselves.

The problem, however, is with people who don’t want to make that choice for themselves. Say this woman didn’t like the idea of “guns everywhere” or “open carry” or whatnot? Why should she also be forced to agree to those terms and agree to the risk, and end up dead because of it. Why should she die because this man wanted to exercise his “liberty” to get wasted with a gun? Why should her family lose her? Why can’t they water the tree of liberty with their own damn blood?

This was preventable.

The problem with the “Guns Everywhere” bill is that it doesn’t give anyone a choice. I don’t think it’s fair to tell every person in Georgia that they are not allowed to go to a gun-free bar. I feel the same way about smoking laws–it should be the owner’s choice. Obviously this wouldn’t have prevented this woman being shot “accidentally,” but it might prevent the shootings of other people who are not interested in assuming that risk.