A mugshot of a man wearing a t-shirt of previous mugshot

Robert Burt went to jail for two days on August 8 and 9, but he did it with a sense of irony that he knew the internet would adore.

In Maine, the 19-year-old was scheduled to sit in the slammer for 48 hours on account of a drunk driving charge back in June. So, according to the Daily News, when it was time for dude to report to the Somerset County Jail, he looked like this:


Mugshot-ception indeed.

Note the caption at the bottom of his t-shirt, which depicted a mugshot of himself from a previous arrest: “Burt Family Reunion 8/8 – 8/10/2014.”

Apparently, Burt had another relative in the exact same facility at the time of his current arrest. This is how the Burts roll.

The t-shirt also at the bottom notes that the reunion is sponsored by Budweiser.

h/t NYDN