Fact-check this Quentin Tarantino death scene supercut

Jaume R. Lloret went to the trouble of uploading this four-minute gem that claims to have included every single death scene from Quentin Tarantino’s entire body of work (and thoughtfully scored to The Delfonics’s lovely “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time”). But FilmDrunk’s Ashley Burns questions the legitimacy of Lloret’s claim.

“I can’t help thinking that it just feels a little light on the death scenes,” Burns wrote. “Granted, I haven’t watched all of these movies in a while, but I found myself thinking, ‘That can’t be all, right?'”

What better way to blow off your cubicle afternoon than by tallying up the deaths in the video with Vanity Fair’s Quentin Tarantino death infographic from 2013? Both are embedded here for your convenience:

h/t Devour