Man calls 911 because stripper wouldn’t offer him sex

In Butte, Montana, William McDaniel had a rough weekend upon discovering that the exotic dancer he was patronizing on Saturday would not, in fact, go to bed with him. In turn, McDaniel thought it best to call the cops and let them handle the situation.

And they did handle it well enough by arresting him.

KTVQ reported that the 53-year-old dialed emergency services around 10:30 p.m. when an unnamed woman working at Sage Brush Sam’s took $350 for a private lap dance but did not have sex with him after. The cops heard out his complaint, and then put the clinks on the man (mugshot above, obv) and charged him with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor charge in Silver Bow County.

McDaniel posted bond on Sunday morning and probably had a low-cholesterol breakfast before lawyering up. State records indicate this is not the first transgression on his part–the strip club customer has priors in three counties for driving under the influence as well as criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

And he really needs to get laid, apparently.

h/t happyplace