Dude named ‘Stoner’ arrested for $10K worth of pot

In Blue Ridge, Virginia, a special police task force took down an alleged drug dealer who had in his possession roughly $10,500 worth of marijuana–and his name was Stoner.

Yes, Paul Scott Stoner  (mugshot above) received a knock on his door this month after police were granted a warrant to search the 42-year-old’s home at 22125 Berry Run Road. They found more than a pound of homegrown.

Authorities received a tip that Stoner had been selling weed to juveniles, according to NBC 29.

Stoner now faces charges related to manufacturing marijuana and possession of a firearm. The property–and the plants–are now seized. Also found on the premises were items that appeared to be drug paraphernalia as well as prescription pills, needles, spoons, and guns. Lots of guns.

Back in April, Stoner’s friend Edward Cocaine was arraigned for drug possession in Florida.

source: WVIR-TV/image via