Landlord fined for renting apartment that could only be entered by crawling

At a London apartment the rent is too damn high, and the ceiling is too damn low.

A landlord has been fined for renting out a studio apartment that could only be entered by crawling on all fours. Not only could the apartment itself only be entered on all fours, but to get to the tiny front door tenants needed to first crawl up a set of stairs in the same fashion, with the ceiling varying between 27 inches at its lowest point and 47 inches at its highest. The Guardian points out that this would be too low for the average 3-year-old to stand upright.

flat in barnet council
Landlord Yaakov Marom had been warned by the city that the apartment was not fit for renting, but he failed to comply with the warning and was discovered to be renting to the room to a couple for about $700 per month.

Even for London, one of the most painfully expensive cities in the world. $700 seems way too much for an apartment you have to crawl into. Say what you want about these Terrible Real Estate Photos—at least you can walk into these places standing up.

Then again some Brooklyn hipsters are now living in designer dumpsters, where standing room is also probably hard to come by.

Marom pleaded guilty earlier this month to ignoring the order prohibiting from renting the apartment. He was fined just over $5,000, including a $2,500 payment to the victims of what may be London’s crappiest apartment.