Cops lock up Scott Weiland for a month, turns out to be impersonator

The L.A. County Sheriffs Office recently found itself in a hilarious case of mistaken identity, but one that isn’t so funny to former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland.

The story begins almost a month ago when the cops picked up a guy who they thought was Scott Weiland shoplifting razors from a drugstore in Beverly Hills, only to end up finding meth on his person. The guy told police that he was Scott Weiland and that seemed believable enough given Weiland’s history of chronic drug relapse and the fact that the shoplifter allegedly has a passing resemblance to the singer. However, considering Weiland’s past, why anyone would willfully tell the cops that he’s the singer is beyond us.

It wasn’t long before TMZ reported that Scott Weiland had been picked up for shoplifting and possession of meth, claiming that he had been locked up for the past 4 weeks because he failed to post the $95,000 bail.

Despite the fact that Weiland has been spotted out and about , TMZ insisted that the cops confirmed that the singer was indeed still in their custody.

However, this video Weiland shot from his recording studio shoots some holes in the theory that he is currently in police custody.

All of the overwhelming evidence forced BHPD to do an FBI fingerprint check and it turns out that the man in custody is 44-year-old Jason Michael Hurley. He’s been locked up since July 26th and cops are just now figuring out who he is . Apparently, all you have to do to convince the BHPD that you are Scott Weiland is tell them that you are Scott Weiland.

Source: TMZ, Stereogum