John Oliver absolutely DESTROYED a piñata last night

Being that it is part of my job, I spend a huge amount of my day reading headlines in my Feedly, while trying to find something to write about myself. Probably my least favorite headline convention in the world is “So-and-so SLAMS So-and-So over SOMETHING“–mostly because 80% of the time these headlines involve reality stars I have never heard of tossing mild insults or backhanded compliments at one another.

The other 20% of the time, said headlines often have to do with John Oliver or John Stewart deftly taking on a controversial subject and making excellent points about it. Since Last Week Tonight has been on the air, every Monday, several sites will report that he SLAMMED or DESTROYED or ABSOLUTELY EVISCERATED whichever topic he went on a rant about Sunday night.

Honestly, although I wouldn’t go so far as SLAMMED in all caps because I think that’s cheesy, these descriptions are not always that far off base in the figurative sense. The man is good.

Anyway, as the show is about to go on a two week break, Oliver decided to give bloggers like me a present, and actually, literally SLAM, DESTROY and ABSOLUTELY EVISCERATE a piñata.