Prince to simultaneously release TWO new studio albums

In a year that has already overflowed with fantastic releases and long-awaited musical returns, Prince is making his case to be the story of the year, as he announced he’ll be releasing not one, but two brand new studio records simultaneously on September 26 (September 30th state-side). The records will be Prince’s first releases since 2010, and in the eyes of many, it’s been nearly a decade since he put out anything Earth-shattering. However, if his live shows from his year are any indication of what’s to come, then get your exercise in now, because these albums will have your hips shaking like never before.

The first record, “Art Official Age” will be a formal solo effort, while the other album, “Plectrum Electrum” is the long-teased full recording from his current backing band, 3rd Eye Girl. The solo LP will be The Purple One’s 37th album, and his first under the once-hated arms of Warner Brothers, with whom he parted ways nearly twenty years ago, leading to his infamous “Symbol” name. Granted, it didn’t take Prince long to take some cheap shots at the label back in May, but since then it would seem both sides have at least found either common ground, or good ways to stay away from one another.

In the case of “Art Official Age,” it sports a wildly-psychedelic cover, which is very much in line with the blistering live performances he has given throughout 2014, and one can only hope that the record will sport a combination of his newly rediscovered hard rock roots and his long-standing unique brand of sexified-soul-funk. Also on the album cover, Prince is sporting sunglasses with a 3rd lens, and it’s pretty obvious he’s giving a nod to the other project.

The “Art Official Age” album is currently available for pre-order both physically and digitally, the latter of which will come as great amusement to those who remember Prince’s long-time shunning of anything internet-based, and his regular comments that both the internet and digital music would be nothing more than passing fads. Sadly, vinyl editions are not currently being offered.

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