Prisoner dies from overdosing on cellmate’s underpants

In Jessamine County, Kentucky, a 33-year-old prisoner died from eating his cell mate’s methadone-soaked underwear.

Kentucky State Police investigated and discovered that 55-year-old Michael Jones, while furlough to visit family earlier this month, had soaked his underwear with the drug before returning to Jessamine County Jail. Then, Jones tore up his undies and distributed the dope cloth to fellow inmates, one of which being his younger cellmate, Corey D. McQueary.

McQueary died on August 21 after, according to News 4 San Antonio, alerting guards to his feeling under the weather–though he did not mention that he ate methadone underwear.

“Contraband is a constant problem at any facility across the state,” said Jon Sallee of Jessamine County Jail. “You can do everything that you can do, you know strip searches, not allowed to bring anything such as books or any other paraphernalia into the facility.”

This was not the only 2014 instance of violence in the American prison system related to butt holes. In February, a jailhouse fart brawl erupted in Cass County Jail in Minnesota. A prisoner was rushed to the medical center for immediate care.

h/t Arbroath/photo: Richmond Connected