Bitter old man tries to shut down kid’s lemonade stand, fails

For over a year, 12-year-old T.J. Guerrero has been selling lemonade at a busy corner in Dunedin, Florida, to raise money for an iPod. Business has been booming, much to the chagrin of his elderly neighbor.

According to the Daily News, the 61-year-old who lives nearby has complained multiple times to City Hall about the so-called “illegal business,” claiming it’s causing his property value to drop. He also claims that T.J. and his friends are “foul-mouthed kids” who throw junk on his lawn and scare his dog with firecrackers.

In his most recent email, he resorts to caps lock, saying that Guerrero is selling lemonade, “AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!” With that many exclamation marks, you know he’s serious. He’s basically a real-life Mr. Wilson.

So far, he’s the only neighbor to have a problem with the stand, and City Hall doesn’t seem to care. “We are not out there trying to put lemonade stands out of business,” said Dunedin planning and development director.

Unfortunately for the irritable neighbor, a local radio station heard the story, and told all its listeners to visit the lemonade stand and show their support. There was a huge line and a few Sheriff’s deputies showed up to help direct traffic. Guerrero made over $1,000 in four hours.

Meanwhile, the old man hasn’t responded to emails or calls.

h/t Daily News | Fox Philly