Brother and sister arrested for committing incest after watching ‘The Notebook’

Ten years after its release “The Notebook” is still a powerful movie. A look at love so passionate and pure can be transformational. It can drive some people apart—R. Kelly says watching it made him realize he needed to get a divorce and go out looking for true love. For others it brings them together. Like this brother and sister who watched the movie recently, and next thing they knew found themselves having butt sex in a church parking lot in a tractor trailer. Three times. Hello, can you say romance?!

To be fair, however, they’re only half-siblings.

After police received a phone call complaining of “prowling” around 4:30am in Effingham County, Georgia, 200 miles outside of Atlanta, they found Timothy Savoy, 25 and his half-sister, Christopher Buckner, 20, in a tractor trailer in a church parking lot.

There are some conflicting reports as to their state upon discovery. The Independent reports that the siblings were caught in the act. reports that they were picked up as big brother was walking lil’ sis home while holding hands (romance!).

Either way, after they were picked up the couple admitted that they’d just had sex three times, saying the sudden chemistry was inspired by watching “The Notebook.”

The couple was charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling, which is only slightly more depressing than the ending of “The Notebook.”
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