Joan Rivers had hoped to die on George Clooney’s face

Joan Rivers, legendary standup comic and red-carpet fixture for decades, died on Thursday at age 81 following vocal chord surgery. Rivers was placed into induced coma in late August when she stopped breathing following complications from her surgery, and was placed on life support after being taken out of the coma. She passed away Thursday with her her family in a private room in intensive care.

It wasn’t supposed to go down this way for Joan Rivers. As Letters of Note points out, she didn’t want to go down in a pedestrian fashion—of natural causes, in a hospital, carefully watched over by medical personnel. She wanted to go down in a blaze of glory—a blaze of glory known as George Clooney’s face.

She may not have got her wish for dying, but she sure as hell lived to the fullest. A widow after the suicide of her second husband Edgar Rosernberg in 1987, Rivers only continued to grow her iconic status and stay relevant through her appearance on “Louie” in 2011 at age 78.
h/t: Neetzan