Comedian pretends to be Humans of New York, takes terrible pictures of everyone

Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton is currently traveling the world, taking overly sentimental portraits of strangers to share on Facebook. Thankfully, comedian Tyler Fischer dressed up in full bro regalia and wandered around the city, filling the twee void, taking awful pictures of everyone to their fawning approval.

It’s not clear what’s funnier—everyone’s immediate excitement at the prospect of being photographed for a popular, cloying blog, that they encourage the clearly terrible, blurry photos (one is of a girls nostril), or their mumbling desperation to come up with a profound story to adorn their picture. Sadly, the best one guy can come up with is a rambling tale, “Like, so, I was crazy, I had to call 911. The whole thing. She was like bleeding. And uh.” Good one.

Source: Tyler Fischer