Is this the douchiest profile on Tinder?

If you’re searching for the douchiest Tinder profile, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. But even among all of the cliche photos of sedated tigers, selfies on cliffs, and people pretending to be a dogs, this one might be the hands-down victor: A 29-year-old guy named Brandon’s profile photo is of his bank account statement.

Behold, the douchiest profile on Tinder.

To be fair to Brandon—if the profile is real—it’s a pretty healthy bank account statement. Those funds are available now—he didn’t just cash a giant novelty check before taking the photo. And who knows, maybe this sort of thing works, and a small percentage of (women? men?) don’t find it shallow and douchey and ultimately unfulfilling once death’s icy scythe descends on their necks.

h/t Happy Place | Barstool Sports

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