4chan prank convinces idiots to microwave their iPhones

Almost immediately after the release of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, as the general public and mainstream media fawned over the availability of a new glass and metal thing, 4chan’s /g/ board started brainstorming ways to subvert the product launch. Eventually, they settled on creating a fake advertisement for a new iPhone feature: “Microwave charging.”

Image: Reddit’s r/4chan

They created a fake ad, spread it around social media using burner Twitter accounts and the hashtag #applewave, and voila, a prank was born.


The prank was a success in that it got media coverage (which we’re obviously only assisting with), though it didn’t exactly cause thousands of people to microwave their iPhones.

At least one person—who is probably fake, knowing 4chan (there could be layers to this prank, and having a few gullible “victims” makes this story a better narrative to write about)—maybe fell for it.

But I want to believe.


h/t The Daily Dot