BuzzFeed is the most distrusted media outlet

A new Pew Research Study about political polarization and media habits contains an interesting bit of information: BuzzFeed is one of the least trusted media outlets in the country—even more so than Glenn Beck, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh.


The survey asked 10,013 adults over the telephone to rank 36 media outlets based on trust, and then assigned them to one of five groups based on their political ideology. It turns out BuzzFeed is “more distrusted than trusted” by conservatives, liberals, and everyone in between.

It looks like the site’s reputation for smarmy positivity, unethical sponsored content, unapologetic plagiarism, cynical clickbait tactics, garbage lists, and data mining disguised as childish quizzes has finally caught up with them.

h/t Mediabistro | Image: Beta21