Rapper’s wife shuts down show after he gives cocaine to crowd

Perhaps you’ve heard of Stitches, Florida’s upstart drug dealer cum rapper with the face tattoos like “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

If you’ve heard of Stitches, the one thing you know about him is that he loves cocaine. He loves using it, selling it, you name it. He’s not subtle about it. You might know this from the refrain of his song “Brick In Yo Face,” which is simply, “I love selling blow.” If you haven’t seen it, you should really take a quick look below. It’s mesmerizing.

Rest assured “Brick In Yo Face” was not a troll—he really does love cocaine. Last month Stitches sought to reassure fans at a show in Lake Worth, FL, that part of his act—giving out free cocaine to audience members—was not a ruse. Stitches tells the crowd, “I’ve seen some people on Instagram saying this shit’s fake,” before inviting four female audience members up on stage to do the drug with him.

The first woman in line gets her fix, but before the the whole episode can conclude Stitches’ wife shuts the show down. She can be heard off camera yelling, “I’m gonna fuck that bitch up.” Stitches looks startled and immediately tells fellow members of his group, “We’re done.” He then abruptly walks off stage and an audience member off camera can be heard asking, “What just happened?”

It’s nice to know Stitches has someone in his life at least attempting to keep him from stepping too far out of line. It’s also nice to know that, while drug dealing will likely continue to be more remunerative for Stitches than actually making music he does seem to have an absolutely rabid, if small fan base. The crowd drowns out Stitches to the words of his own songs, often carrying the tune after he’s dropped out of a verse. Live For Live Music also points out that some fans had paid as much as $60 for a meet-and-greet with Stitches. In an age when the most anticipated records are being given away for free, that’s the kind of entrepreneurial spirit artists need to thrive these days.

The real insanity starts at 19:45 below.