11 lists from the Chinese BuzzFeed ripoff that are totally better than anything on BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed—America’s least trusted media outlet—now has its own Chinese knockoff. The startup, called WeZeit, is targeted towards the young Chinese elite, who have returned home after trips west hungry for lists and relentlessly upbeat #content.

The site is pretty much a direct ripoff of BuzzFeed—the front page is loaded with facile lists, cute animal photos, and quizzes. WeZeit—whose name is a reference to “[capturing] the zeitgeist” according to their managing director—also has a similar business model to BuzzFeed, profiting from ads that are hidden as Sponsored Content. Their first client was a German car manufacturer.

It turns out, when you feed WeZeit through Google Translate, it’s actually way more interesting than BuzzFeed itself. To be fair, this is mostly due to translation errors. The real website is probably at least as competent as BuzzFeed (for whatever that’s worth). But there’s something so especially weird and entertaining about these glitched out, Horse_ebooks-style headlines in BuzzFeed style headlines. It’s as if all of their writers are robots whose programming suddenly malfunctioned. Here are some of the best ones.

“I buy pork on the road have seen these funny coincidences.”wezeit-9

“Overtime dogs bitter voice.”

“14 thin people who really do not want to hear. But the fat man who can not do ah!”

“Scorpio what humans do? Scorpio, happy birthday.”

“Nolan’s brain residual powder.”

“Not just kidney 6.”

“Do not buy the monotony of cats and dogs!”

“17 stars who do bad things awkward meow was found after reaction”

“12 have a mobile phone cancer symptoms, humans have not saved.”

“Love better than a cup of coffee.”

“Not that good a price as grandson not it? !”