College student arrested for banging sheep

At Fresno State University, authorities happened upon a student who was banging a sheep on Tuesday.

A Fox News affiliate reports that a fifth-year computer engineering major was spotted by university security inside the sheep unit. A female student heard noises and alerted police to the situation. Moments later, guards found a male student with his pants own, lying on top of the animal.

It was especially in poor taste that the sheep was under 18 years of age.

One officer claimed eyewitness to the male student having sex with the sheep, though the police report notes that the student said he was simply wrestling cattle. After the cops called bullshit on his story, however, the sheep fucker ‘fessed up: He was totally worried about mid-terms and needed to blow off steam … inside a sheep.

It was, for what it’s worth, the student’s first time with a sheep. He also admitted to having a few too many drinks earlier in the night. He was arrested and put in jail.

After having gotten all of this off his chest, the kid asked: “Am I going to be expelled for this?”

source: KMPH