FBI charges man for making death threats against killer Darren Wilson

On Tuesday, the FBI charged a 46-year-old for making death threats online against former police officer Darren Wilson, who killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson back in August.

According to NBC News, Jaleel Tarik Abdul-Jabbaar of Kirkland, Washington, posted threats on his Facebook page in the short time after an unarmed Brown was shot several times and killed on August 9. “[W]e really need to start killing the police,” his threat supposed read on August 30. “… OOooopppss I mean our oppressors.”

“The threats relate to the widely publicized events … during which Officer D.W. fatally shot Michael Brown,” according to Special Agent Brett Grover. The FBI complaint does not actually list Wilson as the victim, as is the running policy in these sorts of cases.

A detention hearing has been scheduled for Abdul-Jabbaar on Friday, and the suspect has been appointed a federal public defender.  The prosecution states that Abdul-Jabbaar had been posting similar messages for months that asked friends to essentially take a trip to Ferguson and “give back the bullets” that had been used by police on Brown.

“Our freedom of speech does not,” said acting U.S. Attorney Annette Hayes, “extend to making threats to kill or injure law enforcement officers.”

Now Abdul-Jabbaar is looking at several counts of making interstate threats, which each could add up to five years in prison.

But Kevin Gosztola calls bullshit on the whole thing. On Tuesday night, the Chicago-based journalist tweeted out several examples of “interstate threats” against the “rioters” (quotes emphasis his) in Ferguson. But are the feds responding to any of these tweets?

[NBC News@kgosztola]