Premiere: CHAPPO’s ‘Celebrate’ EP

Only poseurs wait until the summer to put on loose-fitting clothing, take acid, and dance in a grassy meadow. The tried-and-true devotees of Good Vibes tend can spread ‘em all year long. All it requires is the right frame of mind, good company, drugs, and of course, music, and of course, drugs, but especially music.

So, while the general public wears sweats and researches cruises or daydreams about their cross-country road trip blog, a select few can set shit in motion and party like the sun will never set. Your soundtrack for said festivities? “Celebrate” EP by NYC-based quartet, CHAPPO.

Celebrate is a four-song blast of vitamin D certain to thaw you of whatever winter-coaxed lethargy has settled in on your cold dead heart. If it doesn’t, you may in fact be a corpse.

CHAPPO’s sound is part ‘jam-band’, part ‘disco’; a peculiar hybrid where psychedelia is stripped of extended guitar solos and Studio 54 is stripped of all that coke. Blending these stigma-inducing genres may land the band its fair share of flack, but CHAPPO manage the feat quite gracefully.

Celebrate begins with “I’m Not Ready,” a thumping rock number that –if not for its ultra-modern synthesizer textures- feels like something built for the radio speakers of a high school senior’s flatbed truck, circa 1976.

The second cut, “I Don’t Need The Sun,” is a psychedelic-pop groove, as indebted to PHISH as it is Modest Mouse. Percussive paradiddles & spacey jazz-guitar riffing interweave while Isaac Brock-like vocals melodically rap & yammer. This is the song that will send Bonnaroo’s collectively-tripping crowd into one hell of a sexy frenzy.

“Celebrate” is the most disco-centric track on the EP. The vocals resemble Isaac Brock once again, yet the full effect –instrumentation included- bears traces of something off  Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. “Celebrate” possesses an air of sorrow, possibly CHAPPO’s clever attempt at defying our expectations as listener’s or to remind us of the weightier scenes of Saturday Night Fever for some reason.

The record concludes with “Timeline.” It is an odd but enjoyable number, one that hearkens into Meat Puppets terrain during the verses and the suaver side of the Bee Gees for the chorus. It is as schizophrenic as it is festive. More importantly it is a bold, exciting way to resolve the taste of summer in December that is CHAPPO’s Celebrate EP.

If you’re in NYC, celebrate the “Celebrate” EP with Chappo’s show at McKittrick Hotel in NYC this Saturday, 12/13.