New app posts creepy likes on friends’ old Instagram photos

One of the creepiest things someone can do on social media, after supporting #gamergate and/or leaving gross, thirsty comments on innocuous photos, is liking pictures too long after they’ve been posted. Nothing will make someone think some dude is a weird stalker than a notification that he just liked their #wiwt from March 2012.

A new web app, Likecreeper, makes being this sort of creep hilarious and fun. The app allows users to “randomly hit like on a friend’s horrifyingly old Instagram,” according to its Product Hunt description. Go to and allow it to access your Instagram, and the app will like a random picture from a random person you follow. After that, you sit back and “wait for your friend to be all like WTF?!?!?!”

Likecreeper is the product of collaboration between Chris Baker, Mike Lacher, Brian Moore, and Tiger Wang, advertising professionals who are also individually and collectively responsible for projects like Cloak, the anti-social network; Tom Haverfoods, the hilarious Parks & Rec food-name generator; and the most popular McSweeney’s post of all time. These guys prove that it takes a lot of creative firepower to come up with something so silly.

“We were just laughing one day about how bizarre it is when you get a like on a picture from way back in the day, and thought it would make a hilariously stupid single-serving site,” Baker told Death & Taxes. “So we made it.”

Likecreeper crawls as far back as it can in six-month increments. Ideally, it will like a photo from three or four years ago, but it goes as far back as it can, to be as creepy as it can possibly be. It’s remarkably well-designed for something so stupid, with a tasteful interface and jaunty animation from Wang, which makes it even funnier.

It’s also addicting. I’ve been sitting here creeping all day and giggling when I see what I’ve liked and imagining my friends’ faces when they get the notification. Being a creep has never been so gratifying.