Officer responds to #ICantBreathe with ‘Breathe Easy, Don’t Break the Law’ T-shirts

As thousands of Americans across the country march the streets to protest the police brutality inflicted upon Eric Garner, all of them adopting three of the Staten Island father’s last words “I can’t breathe” as the call to arms against the systematic corruption of law enforcement, a police officer in Mishawaka, Indiana, got the bright idea to counter said call with a slogan of his own.

Vocativ reports that a dickhead named Jason Barthel, a police corporal, launched his own line of T-shirts with the words “Breathe easy — don’t break the law” printed across the chest. Barthel claims that, unlike the “confrontational” slogan of “I can’t breathe,” his innovation is purported to be “uniting and positive.”

Barthel owns the South Bend Uniform Co. and on Monday posted to its Facebook page a further explanation as to why he’s the unifier. “For those upset, please understand when we use the slogan ‘Breathe Easy’ we are referring to knowing the police are there for you,” wrote the ass-munch. “We are one people, one nation regardless of race, religion, creed or gender … We are all one people and this is by no means is a slam on Eric Garner or his family, God rest his soul. Lets all band together as AMERICANS regardless of our feelings and know we can and will be better! Thank you for your support.”

The local Fox News affiliate reported that the South Bend city council has called on local merchants to not sell the insensitive item.

[h/t @jhoffman]