Musician layers six country songs on top of each other, proving they’re all the same

It’s not exactly a provocative statement to say that mainstream country is, at its best, a crappy, cynical, formulaic cash grab. This is how most of us have come to understand and accept pretty much the entire music industry, and thus choose to ignore it, rather than waste time and energy complaining about it.

And yet, listening to this mashup of six country songs from 2014 seamlessly piled on top of each other still seems surprising. It’s not just snobby hyperbole to say every country song sounds the same, because every country song is literally exactly the fucking same. (It’s not just their fans that are all clones, apparently.)

The mashup includes the following six songs, all about trucks, and drinkin’, and gals, and rollin’. Its creator, YouTube user Sir Mashalot, explains,

“I am an aspiring songwriter in Nashville who can’t seem to get a bite from the “gate keepers”. So, as my next experiment, I am working on a song specifically intended to become the 7th addition to this mashup formula. I figure at the very least, they won’t be able to say it doesn’t sound like a hit! :)”

You might remember that someone did this back in 2013, so pretty much nothing has improved, and everything will be bad forever.

[h/t Daily Dot | Image: CM Media]