This awful vegan music video will make you crave 10,000 cheeseburgers

It’s hard to believe that the above video above is meant to be a persuasive argument for veganism. It’s almost certainly a failure. It’s so bad that — nothing against veganism! — it will make you eat 10,000 cheeseburgers out of spite.

Perhaps most curious of all is that, like most weird music videos on YouTube, at no point in the process of making it — writing the lyrics, recording the song, dressing up like an extra from “Road House,” painting “Vegan As Fuck” on his garage wall (leave me alone mom, it’s for my music video, god), filming himself dancing — did he consider that it might be a bad idea. Did he show it to any friends before uploading it? Why didn’t anyone try to stop him?

[h/t reddit]