Cops find weed in container labeled ‘not weed’

A 21-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska man was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana when he was pulled over by Lancaster county deputies on Saturday night.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Police discovered the marijuana when they found a plastic sour cream container emblazoned with a label that read “not weed” hidden under the passenger seat. However, despite the label, cops decided to investigate what was inside the container. Just being thorough, I guess.

Gee, with that kind of confidence, why not just have the container sitting out on the dashboard?

Unfortunately, the unnamed man’s Jedi mind trick didn’t work on the deputies and he copped to the fact that it was indeed his weed. The force is definitely not strong with this one. Frankly, he could probably learn a thing or two from this magician.

[h/t WRAL| Image:NY Daily News ]