Tech blogs are getting trolled hard by these fake CG photos

Last month, artists David OReilly and Kim Laughton created a blog called #HyperRealCG, in which they post banal photographs and then claim that they’re CG. Pretty much every tech blog is falling for it. You might have scrolled past a clickbait article about it on your Facebook feed.


They’re all taking Hyper Real CG’s claims at face value, each reposting the images without any skepticism, covering the whole story with the annoying “gee-wiz look at how far how far computers have come!” tone all-too-common on most tech sites.


“It’s really crazy how close to real life we can get with art,” marvels Gizmodo.


“The results are incredible, so much so that you’ll probably spend most of the time loudly shouting at the screen as your brain refuses to cave in and accept the truth,” gasps HuffPost Tech UK.


“The photo-realistic images show how skilled computer artists have become – thanks to advancements in image manipulation software,” exclaims The Mirror. They even ran a poll about it. Their readers are baffled.


There are plenty of obvious hints it’s a joke: the images clearly aren’t CG, one of the first posts lists “Arnold Free Trial” as the program used but doesn’t include a watermark, and some of the artists listed in the captions are fake. (Unless “gwaaargh” is some enigmatic underground artist I haven’t heard of?) Plus, if you do a reverse image search the images, you’ll find their original sources — this garden scene by artist “angelofretribution,” for example, originally comes from Country Living. Apparently a lot of bloggers still haven’t learned this skill.

It’s kind of beautiful to think that thousands of people are closely inspecting these photographs, looking for flaws, amazed by the apparent progress of technology and it’s ability to accurately render a lifelike toilet.