8-year-old curses out newspaper editor for dropping his favorite comics

After 13 comics were cut from the Herald Times Sunday edition, an 8-year-old boy from Bloomington, Indiana decided he had enough and went completely feral on the local newspaper via a strongly worded voicemail. According to Editor-in-Chief Bob Zaltsberg, the loss of beloved comics like “Ziggy” and “Garfield” ruined the little guy’s day.

Zaltsberg did us the immense favor of posting the kid’s angry voicemail online with his name bleeped out. It starts off with his mom introducing her little prince as someone who would like to express his opinion over the loss of his favorite Sunday comics. However, the fact the mom tells the kid in a hushed aside not to threaten the newspaper staff before handing him the phone is a bad omen on how this phone call is going to play out.

As you just heard, the kid rattled off the names of 11 comics he’d like returned to the Sunday funny pages, including “Dilbert,” which I’m gonna have to call bullshit on. If anything, the paper is probably doing his kid a favor by dropping the comic before the kid grows up find out what a huge dick Scott Adams is.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. The more pressing issue is that the kid got on the horn with the local paper to call them “jerks” and “shitholes” for taking away the Sunday version of “Ziggy.” Still, gotta hand it to the kid for not being afraid to speak his mind.

Zaltsberg said that the kid was “still pretty mad” when he called the kid the next morning, but claims he managed to placate the kid with the promise that he could still read Frank & Ernest six times a week.

No, but how mad was the kid during that second phone call? F-bomb mad?

The Herald Times Online commenters also had some choice commentary for the voicemail.

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[h/t NY Daily News]