Hillary Clinton already knee-deep in it after email scandal

Hillary Clinton may have broken federal records-keeping laws by exclusively using a private email account for official work messages as Secretary of State. The New York Times reported that Clinton was never actually even in possession of a government email address during her time in office.

The issue came to light after the State Department asked former secretaries of state to submit any records in their possession in a “new effort to comply with federal record-keeping practices.” Clinton advisors reviewed tens of thousands of her personal emails to decide which ones to hand over to the department.

Better late (and cherry-picked) than never, right?

Clinton’s exclusive use of a private email account is reportedly unprecedented. In what will surely be the go-to quote for political opponents, the former director of the National Archives and Records Administration said he couldn’t imagine a scenario “short of nuclear winter” in which Clinton’s actions would be justified. It’s also particularly problematic as Clinton served in an administration that has made openness and transparency a major talking point, but has also seen its share of security breaches.

It’s worth noting that this scandal was already almost brought to light in 2013, when a hacker released four emails sent to Clinton by long-time confidant Sidney Blumenthal. John Cook, reporting for Gawker, noted the curiosity of Clinton using a private account — commenting that while it “wasn’t strictly a violation of the [Presidential Records or Freedom of Information Acts] to conduct official business on a non-governmental account, the law requires those emails to be archived.” Something it appears Clinton’s staff hadn’t been doing until recently when the State Department, you know, asked them to.

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Clinton, coming just a day after the Wall Street Journal reported that she is planning on launching her presidential bid in April. Former Florida-Governor Jeb Bush, widely seen as one of Clinton’s main Republican competitors for the office, already jumped on the opportunity to capitalize on the scandal, with a spokesperson calling on Clinton to “release all her emails,” adding, “hopefully she hasn’t already destroyed them.”

Welcome to the shit, Hillary! Is it 2016 yet?

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