Man almost eats caterpillar squirming in his cheeseburger

At this point, if you’re eating food you didn’t grow, slaughter and clean with your own two hands, you’re pretty much rolling the dice when it comes to what can pop up in your meal. Our latest tale of fast food horror comes by way of Ed’s Easy Diner in Gateshead, England.

According to Chronicle Live, a 28-year-old who chose not to reveal his name was enjoying a cheeseburger at the diner when he realized that he had an unexpected dining companion in the form of a live caterpillar just squirming up a storm on his burger. The man took some video of his wiggly little buddy, presumably after he got done dry heaving.

“I was sick later that evening,” the man said. “I just couldn’t believe it, it was like something from a nightmare.”

After leaving the dining establishment in horror, the man’s partner contacted the diner and didn’t receive any response until her dad stepped in. The restaurant then offered the man a gift certificate for about $75 and then the promise of a donation of about $150 to a charity of the man’s choice.

Of course, the man didn’t appreciate being offered a free voucher to come back and possibly consume more unexpected wildlife.

“I’d rather they gave £150 to charity,” the man told the paper, “I’ve not thought which yet but possibly a wildlife one.”

Sick burn.

A spokesman for the diner claimed that the unexpected caterpillar was a one-time problem that the diner has since corrected. “We took immediate steps to resolve the problem and are confident the diner is back to our usual exacting standards.” said the representative. “All our lettuce leaves are washed and sanitized individually. We invest considerable time and resource in maintaining the highest possible food hygiene standards and have an excellent track record.”

Apparently caterpillars find their way into burgers more often than we realize. Last year one found its way into a KFC burger in Northern Ireland. Like the Ed’s Easy Diner customer, that customer wasn’t pleased about the extra protein either.

[h/t Daily Mail| Chronicle Live]

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