Shocker: Ferguson civil rights probe finds evidence of racism

A civil rights investigation conducted by the Justice Department has concluded that the Ferguson Police Department violated the Constitution by regularly discriminating against African-Americans in policy and practice, corroborating what protesters (or “rioters,” depending on where you get your “news”) in the city have long asserted.

According to CNN, Justice Department findings showed that, between 2012 and 2014, African-Americans were disproportionately targeted for traffic stops, use of force, and jail sentences. Blacks make up 67 percent of the population in Ferguson, but made up 85 percent of people subject to vehicle stops, and 93 percent of those arrested. Also, 88 percent of times in police used force it was against black people.

The Ferguson courts also practiced similar policies, with African-Americans 68 percent less likely to have cases dismissed by municipal judges, but more likely to be subject to arrest warrants.

The probe, ordered by Attorney General Eric Holder last September after Michael Brown was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson, also found instances of racist jokes about President Barack Obama in emails exchanged between police and local court appointees.

One such email stated that Obama would not serve a second term as president because “what black man holds a steady job for four years?”

One wonders if the same will be able to said about this government worker-cum-yuckster when the full report is released to the public Wednesday.