Seth Rogen leaves Amy Pascal’s new office with permanent weed stench

Amy Pascal’s dream of taking over her old boss’s office have been temporarily delayed due to the pungent and pervasive smell of pot. The culprits? Seth Rogen and Adam Goldberg.

Pascal who is set to step down as co-chair of Sony and make the transition to producer had her heart set on moving into the office which used to house Sony Chairman and Chief Executive John Calley. In the meantime, it was being used by Rogen and Goldberg who have collaborated on several Sony films such as “Pineapple Express” and…well, that kind of says it all really. In what amounts to the most surprising revelation in the history of mankind, the two of them may have partaken from the cannabis plant while in the office from time to time.

Apparently Rogen and Goldberg were notorious for smoking up in the office suite, which seemed to annoy others occupying the building. Now the smell has reportedly seeped into the floorboards of the office, and the whole thing needs to be repainted.

There are those who have contradicted this report though. One source claims that the renovations are being done solely because Pascal wants the office decorated differently since it’s going to be where she works for at least the next four years. This same mystery informant also claims that Goldberg and Rogen weren’t even around long enough to leave a lingering permanent smell.

It’s tough deciding who to side with here. Both camps present plausible arguments. On the one hand, Seth Rogen is pretty much always high. On the other, how much do you have to smoke before some air freshener stops doing the trick? Hopefully we get to the bottom of this terribly important mystery some day.

[h/t Dave ItzkoffTHR]